Why are families failing to feed our children? — Janet Museveni ‘shocked’ by state of hungry school kids

First Lady Janet Museveni has expressed concern over parents’ involvement in providing for their children especially in matters that facilitate their education.

“Why are families failing to feed our children? Someone produces a child and they are unable to feed them, what does this mean? When I talk about this, I am not talking about only mothers but also the fathers,” Ms Museveni said.

She stated that during her time as MP for Ruhaama she was shocked by parents’ laxity to provide for their children.

“When I went to Ruhaama, I said, ‘I will not leave when its children have no shoes.’ I was shocked that I spent 10 years in Ruhaama and left its children without shoes. I had done everything there but parents were not helping themselves. Why should someone spend a whole year without engaging in anything generating income? What should we do to such people?” she asked.

The minister was speaking to parents, district leaders and politicians after officially handing over new structures to Birere mixed primary school in Isingiro district on May 2, 2018.