Song Review: Weasel’s new gospel song ‘Good Over Evil’, a testimony of healing

Weasel’s new gospel song ‘Good Over Evil’ is surely being slept on! Yes, this is that tune that reeks of artistry and impeccable lyricism that will leave naysayers dumbfounded. However, despite this great audio out there, Ugandans are perhaps waiting for a video! Yes, that’s how sad the affairs of the music industry has become. (This is a topic for another day).

The song opens with a moving testimony, ‘Sometimes, I feel like letting go’/ I cannot do this no more but Jah guide me so/The road is rough for me/Me friends dem stopping me/Always backbiting me/’.

You can feel the reality of the lyrics as he speaks his situation in an emotional tone.

In soothing reggae vibes, Weasel poured his heart in this song as soft drum beats infused with guitar string plucked away. In the chorus, a female voice lends in the much neede light in an emotional laden song.

For any music fan, given the circumstances Weasel has endured since the death of Radio, this song is not only a testimony of healing but also a powerful message to his naysayers. Pure talent!