PHOTOS: Club DJ Awards excites Lido Beach

Lido beach Entebbe hosted the 11th edition of the Annual Club DJ Awards.

20 were selected among over 100 Djs that auditioned. For the best of the best to be selected, two rounds of spinning were considered, with each DJ getting just three minutes at the turn table.

After the first round, 10 Djs were selected as best with sole voting rights coming from the audience.

Round two got the best ten battling it out with each other until two were awarded victors. DJ Lola emerged first runner up, and although she proved to be crowd favorite, DJ Tony proved that at the end of the spin.

“Most youth in these areas do not have the opportunity to attend school, but have massive talent. Initially Djs were regarded as just another set of juveniles who were just looking for easy money and mostly delinquents. As the Club DJ Awards continue going strong, we are out to prove this mentality wrong,” Anthony Yawe, Club Djs property owner.