NBS TV’s Simon Muyanga Lutaaya released from jail

NBS TV Presenter Simon Muyanga Lutaaya has been released from Kirinya Prison where he has spent the last four days. This follows the clearing of the Shs57m that was slapped on him as costs in an election petition he lost to Bulamogi county MP, Kenneth Lubogo.

 “I’ve received money from many supporters from London, USA who have been so kind and in solidarity with  Muyanga but the defining thing in all this is the struggle we all face.” stated Hon. Salaamu Musumba while addressing the press at Kirinya Prison

Several opposition leaders, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Asuman Basalirwa among others were part of the crowds that welcomed Muyanga from prison.  On Monday this week, Jinja court had sentenced Muyanga to serve six month in jail for failing to clear Shs300m election petition costs but later after an appeal from Lukwago and Advocates, the fine was reduced to Shs57m.