Sipapa shops for similar Range Rover as Bryan White, abandons it in the bond

The battle over who is more liquid between moneybags Sipapa and Bryan White just took a new twist. Bryan recently went shopping for a state of the art Range Rover which as usual, gladly showed off to the world by capturing a short video of him giving a tour of his new toy.

Well, Sipapa stormed the bond and paid up for the exact same car. But unlike Bryan who rushed to show off by sharing a video on social media, Sipapa neither recorded a video nor made a public announcement about his latest acquisition.

Sipapa is actually said to have abandoned the new toy in the bond where he purchased it. It’s the bond owner that spread the word about how ‘a one Sipapa walked to his bond, paid $100,000 (about Shs360m) for a car, but had abandoned it for more than a week!

We were alerted by our readers around the bond, but by the time we got to the bond, Sipapa had sent a representative to pick the car earlier this week. Bryan has now promised to up the challenge by purchasing a state of the art Mercedes Benz G class. We’ve heard Sipapa has promised to go all the way! We shall let you be the judges in this battle!