Justine Nameere praises husband, claims Faridah has been tormenting her since 2016

In a warm letter to her husband, Justine Nameere praises him for standing by her side in the controversy that erupted during Easter weekend.

In the post, she alleges that Faridah Nakazibwe has been ‘tormenting her’ since 2016, at a time when she was eight months pregnant.

Below is her post.

I thank my Sweetheart Kagimba Mugimba Raymond for standing with me through the last crazy weeks. Ray has been part of finding a solution to this mess from the first day my accuser started tormenting me with these allegations, in 2016 August when I was 8 months pregnant. He keeps reminding me that am innocent and I did everything possible to sort and investigate this with the accuser but she rewarded me with the worst accusations of my life! As God adds another year to my life I thank him for giving me a best friend to grow old with, a very kind loving man. Our relationship is far from perfect because of course no relationship is perfect but many situations especially this one have got me realizing I should be so lucky! Ray has done everything to calm my family, his family, friends and business associates down during the mess! Above all he publicly stood by me through all the attacks/ contempt / ridicule and challenged my accuser to tell the public the truth! He has prayed with me and prayed for me. As we wait for both Criminal and Civil Court to get to a logical conclusion to this, I thank God that I never walk alone, I walk with a true friend