Prophet Elvis Mbonye is ‘the only God and only Jesus’ I ascribe to — Gospel rapper Ruyonga

Last week,  in a way to convey his birthday message to prophet Elvis Mbonye, rapper Edwin Ruyonga stated that he  sees no difference between Jesus and Prophet Elvis Mbonye. He also described him as his father who has helped him spiritually. His message caused mixed reactions amongst his of his fans and followers on social media.

To explain more about his message, Ruyonga has yet again described the prophet as ‘the only God and the only Jesus he ascribes to’.

“Good morning. The post I made on Prophet’s birthday was a bit vague, so I’ll clarify.Prophet Elvis Mbonye IS Jesus, made visible. He is the Holy Spirit, made audible. And He is God himself made accessible. He is the highest if not only voice of authority empowered by God on this ENTIRE planet, and his is the only God and the only Jesus I ascribe to. I boldly and gladly dispute the existence or authenticity of any other.This is a love message,” Ruyonga posted.