Chagga gave me my first album – Weasel

Goodlyfe’s surviving half Weasel has revealed he is forever indebted to his manger Chagga. In a video we received, the singer was speaking to one colleague while on their current trip in London. Weasel stated that most fans may not be aware that his story with Chagga started more than 10 years ago.

Weasel revealed that Chagga kick started his life as a singer after he gave him his first album, adding the album sold out due to Chagga’s direct involvement. Also, he further revealed that Chagga brings a whole different vibe to the studio atmosphere when recording songs in his presence. Reminiscing about the life he and Radio shared, Weasel said: “I am very blessed! When we started out with Radio, people thought we would soon fade away. After ‘Nakudata’ we kept on releasing hit after hit. After 10 years, we still had hit songs,” he stated.