Faridah Nakazibwe’s husband responds to wife’s ‘online war’ with Justine Nameere

Faridah Nakazibwe’s husband Dr. Omar Ssali aka Omar Junior has responded to the Facebook ‘cat fight’ between his wife and former NTV presenter Justine Nameere.

Like a good husband, Dr. Omar has come to his wife’s defence. In a Facebook post, he reveals that he was speechless over the ‘war’.

” I purposely allowed the date 01/04/2018 to pass because I was thinking of the right words and finally I didn’t get but managed to come up with this”, he opens in his statement.

In the next sentences, he describes his wife in colourful diction.

“This woman right here, is a fighter, a motivator, a role model to many of us, a money chaser, dream hunter, and of course not a beauty or a figure chaser because God blessed her with all that in abundance. She is a bully when it comes to money making, love and care. I respect her with that because she knows her onion. She is the only chief without a red cup. Am proud of you my chocolate mixer. Love you always”, he stated.

In a hard hitting Facebook post, Nakazibwe claims for over one and a half years now, Nameere has been on her case by tarnishing her name. Nameere has created over 10 pseudo accounts which she has been using to malign her (Nakazibwe) in the face of her husband a one Omar Ssali by telling him how she is a prostitute who sleeps with all kinds of men for money and favours.

Justine denied the allegations.