Peter Miles lands lucrative UN deal to transport refugees from Congo to re-settlement camps

United Nations body IOM (International Organisation for Migration) penned a deal with Peter Miles to provide water transportation on Lake Albert for the refugees travelling from Congo to re-settlement camps. 

Using his official Facebook account, Peter Miles revealed the big boss move.

“MILES MARINES” in Partnership with “UNITED NATIONS”body I.O.M (International Organisation for Migration) is proud to be part of the evacuation of Congolese refugees safely to the refugee camp. Many times these refugees have lost their lives drowning in Lake Albert due to overloading of wooden canoe boats trying to escape the insurgency in Congo. MILES MARINES is dedicated to provide them with safe transportation across Lake Albert. LETS MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR HUMANITY”, Peter Miles.

In a brief interview with him, he confirmed that the deal was signed and is awaiting execution.

When we asked him about his music career following rumours that he had quit the trade, Peter Miles denied the rumours.

“I’ve always and will always do music. It’s a passion and hobby. You don’t retire from passion; it’s only that its always wise to diversify in life,” he responded.

Peter Miles owns a fleet of boats which he hires out.