PHOTOS: Pastor Joseph Kabuleta’s flamboyant birthday party at Serena Hotel

The ‘Men of God’ in this country are living the good life in grand fashion! Y’all know Joseph Kabuleta, right? The former New Vision journalist who later became a ‘Man of God’? Yes, he is the pastor that among others, bowed at Prophet Mbonye’s feet  and kissed his shoe last year!

Kabuleta at the party

Like his spiritual father, Kabuleta is embracing the ‘double honour’ culture! It was all pomp and glamour as he celebrated his 45th at the Kampala Serena Hotel.  He was majestically ushered into the hall by a quartet playing serenading music on violins.

Arise and welcome the ‘Man of God’

The party as nothing sort of ‘double honouring’, as the ‘Remnants’ say.

Remnants of ‘heavenly choir’?
Touch of heavenly elegance
Kyoka Pastor that scripture touched me!
Man shall not live on the word alone…


Come feast on Heavenly banquet
The hour of his coming got cakey
Angels are endowed and holy

Kabuleta is the senior pastor at The Watch Man Ministry.