Trending: Ugandans mock visiting British celebrity recognised as ‘Malaria survivor’

Did you know there is such as a thing as ‘Malaria survivor’? Me? No! I know of cancer survivors, acid attack survivors, Cholera and Ebola survivors and the hustling folk who prefer to call themselves ‘Ndi Survivor’.

Well, Malaria is one of those diseases almost every Ugandan has suffered from! Recognising one as a Malaria survivor in Uganda means calling Uganda a population of malaria survivors. Yes, we are malaria survivors. Flu and cough survivors.

Therefore, it was so amusing when the U.S Embassy Kampala Facebook page shared a photo of a visiting British celebrity who apparently prides in being recognised as a malaria survivor! Talk of cultural shock!

“Today, Deputy Chief of Mission Colette Marcellin met with Charlie Webster, a UK television presenter, biker, and malaria survivor, who is in Uganda to meet people who are living on the frontlines of the malaria fight. USAID’s Malaria Action Program for Districts activity is supporting Ms. Webster’s work with the “Malaria Must Die – So Millions Can Live” campaign, which aims to raise awareness around global efforts to defeat malaria”, the post read.

This had Ugandans going crazy….

Uganda is a tropical country with conducive climate for breeding of mosquitoes which spread malaria. However, in Britain malaria is non-existent.