Deploy me as a crime preventer — Kayihura asks Police

During the hand over ceremony this morning at Police Headquarters, Naguru, outgoing IGP Kale Kayihura expressed satisfaction with the work done during his tenure. The former IGP who leaves behind a strong legacy of community policing, an initiative that increased community vigilance on crime, expressed willingness to serve the force as a crime preventer.

“Now that am not IGP anymore, l request the new leadership to deploy me as a crime preventer”, he sarcastically stated.

He stated that he is glad to be handing over to a much better force. He also noted that crime rate has reduced compared to 2006. 

“I am glad that am handing over a Police force that is much better than it was in 2005 when I joined it, there is no doubt that there are achievements, physical and in terms of organisation. Strikes happened in different parts of the country and in 2017, there was a slight increase in the crime rate but no one can rub away the fact that in my tenure, the general crime rate came down”, he stated.