Chagga back to singing, releases new song

Chagga could soon be back to singing! When we contacted him over Weasel’s decision to show him exit, he stated simply told us to watch the space. In the same breath, he stated that he has released a new song, ”Nsasira”.

Sounding very enthusiastic, Chagga reminded us that he is a born msuician and only learnt the trade of music management through hands-on experience.

“ I was never born a manager. I am a musician. I have no time to waste talking about Weasel firing me”, he said.

Perhaps telling the times, in the song, he cries out to God for forgiveness. In his signature mellow voice, he asks God to fight his battles.

Chagga aka Chagga Yaga Yo was a popular singer under Jose Chameleone’s Leone Island where they released song the hit song like ‘Tobesiga’. Chagga also released solo songs like ‘Omutima gwange’, ‘Baali Bangi’ among others