How Barbi Jay’s gorgeous baby mama is dealing with the singer’s cheating scandal

Singer Barbi Jay of the ‘Sumbusa” song was recently smoked out enjoying road-side pleasures in the depth of the night. A few days after his girlfriend gave birth, the singer, perhaps could not hold the urge.

Barbi Jay and Nisha Mariam in a ‘pregnancy photo shoot’ a few weeks ago

Just like he sang in the song, Sumbusa, the singer hoped that nobody would know about his ‘extra-concerts’ in the night. However, Police intercepted the ‘concert’ when they noticed a parked car ‘shaking-shaking’. He was smoked out with a ‘Chocolate girl’.

He was thus charged with being a public nuisance.

A few days later, his baby mama, Mariam Nisha Millers has emerged on social media. In a Facebook post, she shared a photo while eating out. She cuts a sombre mood with her hand supporting her chin.  ”If its like that hmmn…”, she captioned the photo. Y’all can read between the lines, right?

Nisha Mariam cuts a sombre pose

It seems she has channeled the frustration to food and drinks.