#HomeTips: Three of the most common real estate myths

Renting, buying or selling properties is not a daily transaction for most, and dealing in property is one of those things that will be done infrequently if done right the first time, for example if you buy the perfect home it will probably take you a decade or more before you consider buying a new one. However, based on stories we have heard from friends or literature we have read, there are several myths we sometimes accept as truth whereas they are not. Jumia House elaborates some of these:

Setting a higher asking price for your property
Setting the price of your property higher than the amount that you expect to receive from a potential buyer, that is, in the hope that if a buyer negotiates a lower price you still get a good deal is a myth that should be disregarded, because, in most scenarios people do not consider property that is priced above market value. Most properties that are overpriced usually stay on the market for long periods which in turn makes them less attractive in the long run. It is therefore important to be transparent and honest when pricing property in order to avoid such scenarios in the long run.

The value of real estate will always appreciate
In many cases we can expect to see an increase in the value of properties/real estate, however, this is not always the case. If the Ugandan economy suffers decline this is likely to have a ripple effect on the various sectors in the country, and as such every now and then you are bound to notice a decline in the value of properties and/or real estate around the country.

Avoiding real estate agents makes you money
Some people believe that they will save more money and get more money at the same time if they do not hire real estate agents/brokers to help them with transactions relating to their property.  This may be possible in some cases, but to pull this off you need to have not just the skills but also the networks.


Layer planters for maximum effect


If you only have a small corner of space, then you could try stacking terracotta planters for overflowing flowers.


Play with geometry

You probably never liked dealing with lines and angles in the Math class, but you will love it using them when thinking about landscape ideas. Take advantage of lines, shapes, and angles when reviewing your gardening ideas and laying out your compound to add drama and impact.