Chinese prostitutes have invaded Kampala

The Uganda-China bilateral relationship has gone to bed! It’s now romantic! For starters, when an ordinary Ugandan sees a Chinese national on streets of Kampala, he/she imagines a rich investor managing multi-billion business of national importance like construction of power dams, roads, manufacturing or oil drilling. For the “lower level” investors, they could pass for one dealing in importing electronics, furniture and knock-offs of popular brands that China is notoriously known for.

However, when the blanket of darkness covers the city, the world’s oldest trade takes centre stage! Yes, some Chinese women are selling sex in Kampala and giving very stiff competition to Ugandan prostitutes. These Chinese prostitutes are profoundly called “Shanghai beauties” by their clients!

Naturally they have a ready clientele in the numerous Chinese investors in the country many of whom unlike the Bazungu who are quick to hook up with melanin dark chocolate sisters, the Chinese prefer to copulate with their own. But the Shangai beauties are also cashing in on loaded locals who have money to spend and are willing to adventure and have a taste of what is made in China. Here is the trade exposed.

Where Chinese prostitutes stage
Unlike our “local prostitutes” that operate on streets and bars, the “Shanghai beauties” mostly operate in casinos around town. For starters, forget the small time gambling joints frequented by broke youths, city casinos is where the rich go to load off some weight; of their cash!

To play to their advantage, Shanghai beauties usually reside in hotel rooms nearby such places. This makes them accessible whenever called for romantic investment. Also, their much cheaper Ugandan competitors dread such place which offers the Chinese a ‘’free-trade zone’’.

Our source revealed that unlike Ugandan prostitutes that use boda-bodas for movements, Shanghai beauties have cars.
“They drive cars that range between Shs20m to Shs60m. Also just like Ugandans, they move in groups of six to 10, dressed in micro-miniskirts and high heels,” the source revealed.

How business is done
The source revealed two techniques which the Shanghai beauties employ to get business done. Firstly, they use ‘pimps’ who are usually fellow nationals who have been in the country for a long time. The pimps connect them to loaded men and also part with their connection fee off the “romantic investment”.

However, the daredevil ones go bare knuckles. They lounge in the casino pulling off seductive gestures; a body language that any man worth his manhood can decipher!
Our source revealed that these street-smart groups feign to be clients before parading themselves as fertile land to the loaded gamesters for romantic, tax free business.
“They come in the casino as customers but on mission of spotting heavy gamesters. They play machines and other games as they lay traps for men who desire pleasure,” he explained.

However, if China’s international human trafficking record is anything to go by, it seems not all these women are voluntarily in the sex trade. The US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report for 2015 listed China on its “Tier 2 Watch List” for countries with significant or increasing human trafficking volumes.

With several Chinese nationals with money in the country, the traffickers know that these men will need female species and they lure the girls to Africa with promises of jobs like being waitresses and secretaries only to force them into sex trade on arrival.

According to our source, the charges for their services depend on one’s bargaining power just like the usual ladies-of-the-night trade. Our source revealed that for a “short” they charge $100 (about365,000) and for full night service, the charges double.
“For a short, they charge a minimum of $100 (Shs365,000) but for a night the prices double,” said our source before adding that; “Besides the language barriers, such charges are the reason why most Ugandans fall off.”