Susan’s murder shows the kind of pigs we have in Africa that don’t value life — President Museveni

President Museveni has described the murder of Susan Magara as an act by swines who do not value life. In his eulogy, he revealed that he was informed about the kidnap about 11 days after the incident.

“Susan’s murder shows what sort of swine (pigs) we have in Africa that do not value treasures like the beautiful Suzzie whom, unfortunately, I had not had the opportunity of meeting”, part of the statement read. 

Museveni partly blamed the murder on the loopholes in SIM card registration by telecommunication companies. He revealed that more CCTV camera will be installed soon.

“The gaps we have been having in the towns have been lack of cameras and unregulated sale of mobile phone SIM cards to people without electronic identity cards. It is these gaps that we are in the process of closing. In the next few months, the cameras will be up in many areas”

“Furthermore, no mobile or fixed phone SIM cards should be given to anybody without the electronic identity card. We may require the sellers of mobile phone SIM cards to have electronic identity card readers so that we rule out the photocopying of genuine electronic ID cards”.

He further advised the youth to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, prostitution and reckless living.