Trending: Fans unhappy with Bryan White for ‘disrespecting’ Weasel at public function

Socialite Bryan White has been allover town splashing cash to Ugandans with business ideas, the underprivileged, and those around him. In one of his recent charity drives, in company of Goodlyfe surviving half, Weasel, the moneybag portrayed that indeed money is king.

A video which is trending on social media shows the loaded fellow calling out Weasel  in a manner that has incensed fans! As the loaded socialite was giving a speech, he realised popular singer Weasel was not standing next to him. Instead of whispering to a member of the organising committee to call Weasel, Bryan White simply blubbered; ”Where is Weasel? Weasel! Weeaaseel! Weeaasseel!”

Well, the fans are not happy. They are unhappy with Bryan White for calling Weasel, their star like a kindergarten chap!

In the video, the humble singer handled the moment with grace. He reached out to Bryan White and simply whispered in his ears.

Are fans over-reacting?