Sheebah speaks out about her father and relatives

Sheebah has been the centre of attention after her biological father passed on. According to reports, her father did not play his expected role in her life and later disowned her. Furthermore, he allegedly left in his will that he did not wish the singer to bury him.

In a cryptic message, Sheebah has replied to the complex and deeply rooted issues sorrounding her family background. In a Facebook post, he waxed lyrical absolving herself from the mess.

“One Day You Will Be Alone And Regret Not Being There. You Will Regret The Birthdays & Holidays Missed. You Will Regret Not Watching Her Grow Up And Being In Her Life.
You Will Regret Everything You Did And By Then It Will Be Too Late…And It Will NEVER BE Her Fault Cause She Was Just A Child. She Didn’t Choose The Complex”
#KarmaIsReal. You Are Accountable For Your Choices In Life”, she posted.