Trending: Spice Diana ‘spices’ her academic grades, claims she scored 32 points at A’level and emerged best performing student

While appearing on Spark TV, singer Spice Diana was asked about her educational background. Without revealing her former schools, the singer controversially stated that she is proud person of her academic achievements. She claimed that she emerged as the best performing student in her school with 32 points in UACE.

“ I got 32 points at A level and I was the best performer in our school. Actually, some other students had to repeat the class,” Diana is quoted saying.

However, in our education system, the best-performing student at UACE scores a maximum of 20 points. A very close source we talked to revealed to us that by the time Diana finished her A’-level few years back, at a time when the best performing student would score a maximum 25 points.

Spice Diana stated that her core subjects were History, Art and Luganda.