Futsal Super League Select face-off Somalia Community League Select

Newly introduced national Futsal Super League is receiving an impressive reception! To build more momentum to the Futsal culture, the boys will have their first ‘national’ engagement facing off Somalia Community League Select on Friday, February 9 at the International Futsal Court in Mengo.

According to Hamza Jjunju, Chairperson of the association; “This is just one of the phases of starting the process of national futsal team building locally hence a reason game is dubbed Futsal Super League Select n Somali Community League Select team because these are Somalis residing in Uganda. It’s one of the phases of building faces for growth n development of futsal National team for future National n regional engagements. Like in August this year, we are looking forward for a regional tournament.”

Futsal fixture Friday, February 9 2018

Futsal Super League Select (Uganda) Vs Somalia Community League Select (Somalia), 6pm