When I’m at the pulpit, I intend to preach for conversation — Rev. Fr. Deogratius Kateregga

Rev Fr Deogratius Kateregga Kiibi’s, preaching at Mowzey Radio’s requiem mass has struck a chord with Ugandans. While his brutally honest sermon divided some mourners, he has come out in defense of his preaching that day.

“The sermon I gave was like my usual sermons. It’s just that some people got to listen to my sermon for the first time. I’m a student of journalism, I’m aware of whatever is going on. When I’m at the pulpit, I don’t abuse anyone, I don’t rebuke anyone and I don’t reprimand anyone. I intend to preach for conversation”, said Rev Fr Kateregga in an interview with NBS TV.

“If I reprimand anyone, I do it in God’s way”, he added.

Kateregga further explained why he grilled celebrities during the preaching as he said; “Some celebrities don’t come to church. I tried to tell them that a prayer is good. Prayer is positive power. They (celebrities) need to counsel themselves first. If there is need for counseling, we can organize it. The youth think God is just going to help. You put 100% hard work and 100% God. There is no good in the shrines. Go to churches, mosques and pray. There are priests and imams willing to teach you the word of God.”