MCM: Rev. Fr. Kiibi Deogratius, the priest who won hearts at Mowzey Radio’s requiem mass

Rev. FR. Kiibi Deogratius won the hearts of Ugandans during the requiem mass for artiste Mowzey Radio, who died on Thursday of injuries he sustained during a brawl in a bar in Entebbe just over a week ago.

The manner of Mowzey’s death cast into sharp focus the conduct of artistes.

Against that background, Fr Kiibi started by addressing queries he had perhaps received, that Mowzey, having died in such circumstances, was not worthy of being prayed for in Rubaga Cathedral. “Those who are angry that we have prayed for his soul in this church can come and beat me up,” Fr Kiibi cheekily said, provoking bouts of laughter.

He spoke against using drugs, living extravagant lives, excessive alcohol consumption, abandoning their wives and engaging in unnecessary fights as he attracted applause from the mourners. He reminded mourners that death does not discriminate regardless of public status.

As he was delivering the homily, his brutally honest messages were trending on social media. By the time Fr Kiibi was done with his sermon, he was the talk of the town.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Philosophy, Bachelors degree in Theology, a Master’s degree in Religious and Theological Studies, and a diploma in Social and Religious Studies.
Fr Kiibi is currently in his second year pursuing a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at Makerere University.