Mowzey Radio repented, cried out to God in his last song ‘Tambula Nange’

Death is so mysterious. Could Radio have had a feeling that his time was almost out? Just like singer AK-47 composed and released a gospel song shortly before death, departed singer Mowzey Radio’s last release is a tear jerking psalm. The song was released on 27th January as he was hospitalised.

In the first verse of the song, ‘Tambula Nange’ which loosely translates to ‘Walk with me”, Radio dedicates his life to God. He tells God that he is not afraid of the present and the unknown future for he trusts that He is Almighty.

In the chorus, which is deep prayer of surrender, Mowzey asks God to walk with him as he seeks His guidance and mercy.

In the second verse, Radio thanks his creator for provision. He sings about his gratitude and divine provision that made him who he became. He owes it all to God.

He also composed a gospel album titled ‘Niwe Yahwe’.

May his soul rest in peace. Listen to the song below.