Celebrity style: Flavia Tumusiime on why she can’t live without little black dresses

1:How would you describe your style?
 I would describe my style as classy chic. I always aim for a “Lauren Conrad meets Olivia Palermo” kind of look. Not too loud but chic and timeless.
2: What is the one fashion item you cannot live without?
 I love a little black dress. It used to be a little blue dress to be honest but I have since become more fashion conscious and understood how to dress my body and i just love a sexy little black dress.
3: What is your worst buy ever?
The worst buy was a pink pair of louboutin shoes. They ended up being super uncomfortable and I remembered, I really just bought them because  they were a trend, not because I actually liked them.
4: What styling trick works for you all the time?
I have over a year or so turned to love fashion and it’s fabulous. I always think French when dressing up. Tricks like, if its above the knee wear flats, if it below the knee wear heels?.
Also,I always have one outstanding piece and style from it rather than putting together a very busy look.
5: Any item we would not find in your wardrobe?
You would not find leggings or tank tops. I know those are 2 items but eish, it had to be said. Not brave enough for both.