How houseflies became the standard of healthy food in Uganda

For those who were wondering why Noah allowed two houseflies to aboard the Ark, here is the explanation. In God’s infinite wisdom, He knew that in the year 2018 AD, in a landlocked country called Uganda, meat consumers would look out for houseflies when buying meat! Houseflies are now the gold standard for healthy food! Butchers panic when their meat is not attracting any flies. No flies, no customers. When a butcherman is praying, he says, “Oh God, lead forth flies to my meat so that customers may come in!”

Back in Primary School Science lessons, we were taught the 6Fs. The cycle of food contamination from feaces, flies up to the fingers! However, time is ripe for flies to be struck off that chain! They deserve more respect.

When a butcher has a few flies hovering around, he brags. “For us we don’t use formalin. We even have fat flies at our butcher”. (That’s how important flies have become!)

How did we get here? Well, unscrupulous traders are out there not caring about the health of Ugandans. Treating meat with formalin is a national scandal that would call for resignation of officials under “normal circumstances”. Indeed, as the Bible says, “The love of money is the root of all evil”.  People are selfish. From dust to dust.

Houseflies lead me to healthy food. Amen.