Bitter Split: Ykee Benda’s longtime lover Julie Batenga deletes all his photos from her Facebook account

Like any other couple on social media, Julie Batenga, who recently got engaged to singer Ykee Benda has done the inevitable. She has deleted all Ykee Benda’s photos from her Facebook.  The only prominent photos on her account are her graduation ceremony moments.

Previously, like any other social media savvy couple, the young lovebirds had their timeline decorated by love and love and love!

In case you did not know, Ykee Benda confirmed to us that they are no longer together despite their romance heroics last year.

The two did not only get engaged but also had a “kukyala”, a pre-marital ceremony at Julie’s parents home in Mukono. The two had reportedly been longtime lovers with their relationship dating back to high school days.

We are yet to get the details of how the two lovebirds separated. Watch this space.