Saudi Arabia now opens door for Ugandan professionals seeking jobs abroad

Unlike in the past where only domestic workers and non-skilled labourers were preferred, Saudi Arabia has now opened door for Ugandan professionals like doctors, nurses, engineers, among others.

The labour agreement signed by Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Ms Janat Mukwaya and Mr. Ali Ghazis, the Minister of Gender in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will allow Ugandans seek formal employment in the West Arabian state.

According to Mukwaya, the agreement will enable the two countries weed out exploiters, traffickers and ensure protection of workers’ rights by streamlining the process.

According to the agreement, the Saudi Arabian Embassy is expected to resume issuance of Visas for workers destined for the Arab State. A ban had been slapped on exportation of domestic workers to the Arabian state on 22nd January 2016 following reports of hostility and poor work conditions.