Bebe Cool’s list has only artistes who are not a threat to him — A Pass

Bebe Cool’s ‘Best artistes of 2017’ list has had tongues wagging! Singer A Pass is the latest to respond to the list of artistes Bebe Cool claimed were the most relevant last year. The list conspicuously excluded nemeses Chameleone, Kenzo and Radio & Weasel.

“My brother Bebe Cool I saw your list of artists that did well in 2017, I was chilling at Mestil Hotel enjoying my evening. But list seems to only bare artistes you don’t fear in the musical race,” A pass posted on his official Facebook page.

“But this year am going to show you levels”, he added.

The ‘Tuli kubigere’ singer further stated that sarcastically that by the end of this year, he will have made it to Bebe Cool’s list.