We shall not stop kneeling — Women respond to Winnie Byanyima

When Winnie Byanyima asked women to stop kneeling, she may have not expected a backlash from fellow women. However, various women are indeed proud of African culture and are willingly to uphold tradition even in the face of ‘Westerniation’ and the so called feminist movements.

Culture is culture. Culture should be respected Globally. Am a westerner born in Kampala.
My babies are Baganda. I grew up giving the courtesy of either half knee kneel or full.
Recently my relatives got concerned that I over kneel to greet. I wondered how I could change to just stand and serve elders while standing.  Am sure many westerners raised in Uganda behave like I do.  Kneeling has it’s place in Uganda culture for centuries. It’s a culture you can not change like an Act in the Other Political areas. Respect cultures”, one Bridget commented.

Some argued that Winnie is out-of-touch with African culture because she has ‘spent too long abroad’.

“Ladies don’t listen to these brain washed women, she’s spent most of her time abroad, she’s well off. Most off those so called iconic personnels when the go abroad they come back with deep deception. afterwards she’ ll tell you how homosexual is good. Kneeling is us …is part of us and to be great we should learn to keep ours instead of coping from the West world”, another sent a jab.

Well Winnie, Africans won’t accept anything Western!