List of Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s prophecies for Uganda in 2018

It’s that time of the year when Prophets foresee the future of their country, continent and world. According to Zoe Ministry’s Prophet Elvis Mbonye, 2018 will be a good year for investment. However, more controversial events will unfold in political arena.


– 2018 a good year for investments, Uganda gets an unusual interest from investors around the world. We pray that the leadership has wisdom to receive this and make the necessary steps to take advantage. UIA in the spotlight this time.

– Two Parliaments, the 2nd Parliament secret meetings with plans to make compulsory for every citizen to be a cadre going through military training.

– Prophet sees in a vision a former soldier who had fallen out with his boss goes back to him in his bedroom and they hug and he is given a new T-shirt with the colors yellow and black and he is really happy with this new T-shirt

– Also, a burning building, not a business building but an official building which causes a stir, many questions asked but we pray against it getting out of control.


– Mass Strikes this year in the UK, a guy called Jeremy involved.

– UK Prime Minister faces a lot of pressure, she doesn’t feel secure anymore even concerning her health. The Lord says to pray for her to protect her as she is God’s choice for this time.

– Security breach at Buckingham Palace

– North Korea leader collapses

– Female political figure in the US seems to come out with lesbian tendencies.

– US Japan treaty ends and all over sudden nuclear shields are up

– Trump faces impeachment pressure, then what looks like might take him down instead elevates his popularity.

– Plane crash in a city where people were but Prophet prayed against this.

– US Political figure Survives a shooting