5 obvious New Year resolutions that you will forget about after one week

January is a time of self-reflection. However, it is a public secret that it has become a time of self-delusion too.  So if you think 2018 is the year you are going to do something and make a change, here are some new year’s resolutions for you to attempt, and then ultimately abandon after about a week.

1. Go to the gym

We say it every year, We promise ourselves we will go every day, or at least twice a week, anyway.’ Sign up for a year contract and after one week the only time you see that gym is when you go past it on your way to work, drinks or wherever it is you are about to indulge.

2. Quit booze

“I’m never going to drink again!” this is what many people suffering from a bad hangover say after every wild party. However, after the hangover wears off, it’s back to square one.

3. Lose weight

Loosing weight is an absolute evergreen, a common resolution among  women. Unfortunately, our determination usually lasts just a few weeks and we soon get back to our unhealthy, obese routine.

4. Stop cheating

Whether it is cheating on your lover, cheating on your diet, the gym instructor or bad habits, this is bound to never happen.

5. Quit betting

You really want to decrease the amount of time you spend clenching your butt at the end of games. While this may be counterproductive, abiding by this resolution is not easy.