Broke ex-Arsenal star Eboue reveals he can’t afford TV subscription, ‘disguises’ self at pubs to watch former team

Emmanuel Eboue has revealed he goes in disguise to watch his beloved Arsenal in local pub as he can no longer afford his Sky subscription (What you would call DSTV in Uganda).The ex-Gunner is skint after a bitter divorce battle with wife Aurelie stripped him of all of his assets.

He recalls the time last March that he was so desperate to watch his former club in action against Everton that he disguised himself and headed to his local pub in Enfield.

“I covered my face and I went there.” he said. “I was surrounded by Arsenal fans but they didn’t know it was me.

“I sat, I took a beer and I watched the game. But I kept my hood over my head and I hardly raised it because I knew that the Arsenal fans would recognise me.

“I would have felt embarrassed. I had never been in a pub to watch a game. It used to be in my house. Or maybe in a friend’s house”.