INTERVIEW: You won’t miss McKenzie. I am the perfect replacement — Urban TV’s Derrick Aine

Just after few months on Urban TV, media personality Brian Mckenzie called it quits. Matooke Republic caught with Aine Derrick who replaced McKenzie on the Urban Today, morning show. He speaks about his new role and TV career.

Don’t you feel intimated stepping into the big shoes of a big media personality like Brain?

Intimated? Hahaha. There is absolutely nothing to be intimidated by; I worked with Deedan & Brian as the show’s Associate Producer for much of the time Brian was here before I stepped up to being its Producer when D’zyre moved to concentrate on the Promotions Manager role… it is pretty much moving from being behind the cameras to the front, which to is not new to me. I have learnt a lot from all the people on the show, Brian inclusive, bearing in mind that they have all been in this field more than I have… so it is more about people who’ve taken different paths on TV meeting and building something together.

What different thing are you ready to add on for the show to keep growing?

The show is the biggest infotainment breakfast show in the land and has won lots of eyeballs already. I am definitely not McKenzie and I am not even going to try to, but what I am is something that will definitely add something new to the show, hopefully, something the viewers will get to love it and that this beautiful brand will keep growing.

Did you just walk into Urban TV offices and ask to replace Brain or management trusted you with the role?

Our station manager approached me to take on the role. Unknown to many, it is a role I rejected at first because I was at a stage of my career where I was really excited about the production aspect of TV, having just returned from China on a production short-course. But she sat me down and sold me this idea, told me of how much she believed this could work out just great for both myself and the station basing on the work I had been doing on “The Flick” and having served on “Urban Today” under D’zyre and after… I figured, “why not”, I had the time on my hands to pull this off and I am going for it and I intend to be great at it.

Deedan, your new co-host sounds so intelligent. How ready are you to take her on?

You haven’t seen enough of me to play the “who is cleverer” card. Deedan is a very intelligent lady and I’m glad to get to share the platform with her. I trust I have enough to compliment her and she, me… we’re building something that will be great.