Insurance body “steals” Denzel’s prized BMW

Socialite and TV show host Denzel Mwiyeretsi had a few minutes of panic last week when he realised his prized ride, a BMW Z3, that he had left parked outside his workplace Vision Group was missing. The “car theft” was a prank orchestrated by Uganda Insurers Association, the umbrella body for insurance companies in Uganda in a bid to increase awareness about motor insurance in the country.

On finding his car missing, Denzel threatened to have the guards arrested and attempted to inform the police right before UIA officials appeared with his car and educated him about the benefits of motor insurance as well as the claims process.

UIA’s Faith Ekudu shows Denzel the hidden cameras during the prank.

“No vehicle owner would ever want to live through the experience of having their car stolen. This prank has shown me the importance of comprehensive motor insurance,” Denzel commented, after he had his car returned.

Denzel reunited with his convertible Beema.

Ms. Miriam Magala, UIA’s Chief Executive Officer said that although it is mandatory for all Ugandan motorists to have motor third party insurance, only about 30 per cent of the vehicles on the road are insured and many are yet to appreciate the value of motor insurance.