How voters ‘arrested’ Moyo DPC after their ‘Togikwatako MP’ Kaps Fungaroo had been detained

Tension in Obongi constituency  climaxed a few days back as the DPC was “arrested” by angry voters!

According to our sources,  tension had been building over the issue of the terrible state of roads leading into the area as well as Togikwatako campaigns where the MP was blocked by police from addressing rallies in his constituency.

MP Kaps Fungaroo

The tension  peaked on 6th Nov when police decided to arrest the MP and kept him overnight at the cell further annoying the residents.  The voters vowed to beat up the police and even shade blood. They mobilised themselves closed UNRA offices  and mishandled the DPC. Apparently the army was called by police to join and they said that wasn’t their matter but for police to handle.

The MP has since been released and is back to attend to Parliament.