Feffe Bussi disses ex-manager in new song

After falling out, “”Smallest Rapper” as popularly referred to, has stung his former manager in a new song.

 In his new song titled “Business”,  the rapper,  in all the verses trashes efforts of former manager Arafat.  He emphasises that his manager was mistakenly appointed and was more of a friend than business partner.

“Friends are good but its a grave mistake to mix business with friendship,” he says.
He has previously accused Arafat of mismanagement and not taking business seriously.  The rapper has previously reported to have fallen out with Gravity whose crew he first belonged.

Arafat has since moved on and is now manager to Helicopter crew lead singer TIP Swizzy. Together they have so far done projects like “Loudly” and “Movie” and seem to be having a smooth run so far.

Watch the dissing song “Business” here https://youtu.be/8iDl3cAw9X4