Research says farting for your partner boosts immunity

Okay, science goes again here! If your partner is always farting, be happy. Here is  surprising way your partner’s worst habit may actually be increasing your lifespan: tHE farts are boosting your immune system. Yes, you read that right.

Researchers at the University of Exeter have found that hydrogen sulfide, the nose-pinching scent that gives flatulence its rotten egg-like quality, can actually have potent health benefits in small doses—and nobody is better at delivering the dose. Depending on how you feel about his, ahem, donations, you may need to start following these tips for a relationship.

The study found that the stinky microbial byproduct most wives hate could actually reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, strokes, arthritis, and dementia. According to other research, marriage is an important factor affecting the survival of heart attack patients, too, which means even if you’ve already suffered health issues, the finest farts could actually keep you alive, kicking, and sharp. They are an odiferous love letter about how much he or she cares.