PHOTOS: President Museveni spends weekend at Rwakitura farm attending to his cows

How is your weekend? Well, the president has spent it at his Rwakitura farm attending to the cows and other things on the farm.

The pastures are green and lush which will translate to more milk production thus more money in the pocket of the president. He surely seemed so delighted with what his cows are feeding on!

He then bragged about this particular species of trees that he revealed that he “planted in 1967 while his age-mates were busy in Mbarara town enjoying life and partying”. Who is the man now? Huh? (Take notes youths!)

While most of you like taking selfies with people’s investment in the background, look at Sevo’s ideal selfie. Boss!

According to the president, this particular cow produces 15 litres of milk per day! 15! When I grow up, I want to be like the president!

The president’s love for agriculture is an action word.