NRM MPs only thinking of their stomachs, no credible explanation for amendment — Andrew Mwenda

Political analyst and veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has lashed out at NRM MPs supporting age limit amendment.

He explained that they have no credible reason to support age limit amendment.

“Across the country people are debating age limit. Yet the NRM which began it still lacks a sense of purpose and direction. It has no credible explanation why this amendment is necessary,” Mwenda said in a message posted on social media.

He further stated that all they care about is the money that it brings to their pockets.

“NRM is held together by money and power; so obedience is either bought or coerced. This allows us to understand why NRM MPs have little incentive to make a case for Museveni staying longer in power – because they don’t have one. Their only reason is that it will be a source of money, a retirement package so to speak. They have their stomachs in the debate but they don’t have their hearts in it.”