Baby showers are so yesterday! Mbire’s daughter holds gender reveal party at Serena

Pink confetti revealed that the Matovus are expecting a baby girl. PHOTO/GLAMOMROUS.COM

Baby showers are all over the place lately. But now tycoon Charles Mbiire’s daughter Nadia has just introduced a new way to celebrate the expected bundle of joy- gender reveal parties. 

It’s a new thing in Uganda but has been going on in the western world for over a decade. What happens is that one or both parents are kept in the dark about the gender of the baby they are expecting and a close family friend or member in the know will organise the gender reveal party.

The gender reveal party was themed as an enchanted garden. PHOTO/GLAMOMROUS.COM

Nadia shared photos from her gender reveal held at the Kampala Serena Hotel recently on her blog Glamomrous. Her husband Yassar Matovu was dressed in blue for a boy and Nadia was dressed in pink for a girl at their party with the décor themed as an enchanted garden. Other guests wore white. 

Yassar wore blue and Nadia wore pink to the party. PHOTO/GLAMOMROUS.COM

“In my case my husband knew the gender of our baby and I had to anxiously wait to find out,” Nadia posted on her blog. 

Nadia’s friends wore white the the reveal party. PHOTO/GLAMOMROUS.COM

“The reveal was done using cold fireworks and confetti, and to my surprise we are having a baby girl! I am so excited to be having a mini-me and my husband is happy to be having a little princess,” Nadia posted.