INTERVIEW: Comedian Taata Sam talks about his life, love, career and appetite for food

As boy, Taata Sam loved making friends but food always led to fights, little wonder most of sketch comedy revolves around his love for food. This Friday he will hold his maiden show Theatre Labonita. William Kasoba interviewed him.

Who is the man behind Taata Sam the comedian we know?
I’m Robert Sunday Muwonge. I was born in Mityana district to Augustine Kyamagwa and Christine Nannungi 29 years ago. I studied at Butega Church of Uganda Primary School and Ssingo Secondary, still in Mityana.  In 2009 I joined Buganda Royal University where I attained a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

When did you start doing comedy?
I started by recording audio comedy while at Digida FM in 2012. But in 2015 I resorted to video and started doing clean comedy skits.

Why did you opt to video sketch comedy?
Ugandans and people worldwide love visuals more than audios and better still, video yield more money when uploaded on YouTube.

How much do you earn per month on YouTube?
It depends on the content uploaded. The views determine how much you earn and it can be between Shs1m and Shs3m.

You have a few supporting actors like Maama Sam. Why did you decide to act as group?
I do sketch or situational clean comedy and in such a field, you need more characters to bring out what you want to portray.

Is Maama Sam your real wife?
Noooooo… she is my acting wife. I have been married to my wife Aidah Birabwa for eight years now and we have two children. The first born is three years old and the little one is a couple of months old.

 The Taata Sam we see in the comedy skits loves food, is it the same situation in real life?
For sure I love eating and you can see even now I’m eating.. Taata Sam and food especially meat are inseparable. (He laughs)…

Of all names, why did you decide to call yourself Taata Sam?
Actually my manager who is called Samuel Mayambala also loves eating, so it was easy to call myself Taata Sam. He (Mayambala) actually also fits the character.

But we have never seen Sam, where is he?
Just come to my live show this Friday at La Bonita, he will be there.

Does comedy make it easier for you to hit on women?
Of course it does just like any other career that puts one in the limelight, but the main thing is, I am married. Having a woman at home means you already made the final choice.

 Who is your idol in comedy both locally and internationally?
Here I love Madrat and Chiko, they are very good. They do not force crowds to laugh, its automatic and they perform fresh and clean comedy. Internationally, no one beats Mr Bean.

How is the feeling like holding maiden live show?
The feeling is good though the pressure is mounting up as the show draws closer, because of several challenges, but all in all, ‘Tulina okikuba’ he laughs.

Are you going to perform the skits we have been seeing online?
Not at all, we are going to serve our fans with what I call a buffet with a lot of new, fresh and clean skits which they have never witnessed before.

Will you be holding a show every year?
It will be an annual event and it will be returning bigger on every occasion.

Your last word?
I call upon all Ugandans who love clean comedy that suits all ages to come and fill up La Bonita and other venues where we will be.  Many more artistes have confirmed to perform on my show; Hon Bobi Wine, Nubian Li, Big Eye, Gravity, Madrat & Chiko and many more. My assurance is, it will be a memorable experience, just don’t miss.