Golola turns to fans to finance academy dream

Motormouthed kick boxer, Moses Golola of Uganda’s had a dream of starting the ‘Golola Talents Academy’, to nurture young and poor kick boxers with talent. More than a year later, the facility is yet to take off, even if one of the country’s most famous sportsmen insists the dream is still alive despite it facing considerable financial difficulty.

That the project located in Kawempe-Gobya on an acre of land is far from becoming the center that can nurture produce professional kick boxers as Golola envisioned is something the seasoned fighter partly blames on the people around President Museveni frustrating his pursuit of a presidential pledge in millions of shillings. When Matooke Republic visited, the only sign of development on the site was an unfinished double-roomed structure, with a few punching bags which Golola uses to train being the only physical reminder about the bigger dream. That partly explains why he has decided to turn to fans and other well-wishers to raise the money he needs, starting with a fight in Kampala come December. See details in our interview.