MP Abiriga, family attacked, survive being burnt alive in Arua home on Saturday night

Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga has reportedly survived an arsonist attack at his home in Arua. The attackers are said to have sneaked into his home in the wee hours of the night armed with petrol to set the home and its occupants ablaze.

According to The Ugandan  Abiriga’s wife Ms Aminah Sijali revealed some of the details of the attack and the case has been reported to Police who have embarked on an investigation.

“Sijali said during the Saturday night incident the attackers first cut the wire mesh and attempted to push the petrol into the sitting room but when the Abirigas woke up, they took off before they could set the house ablaze”, The Ugandan reported.

“The attackers took advantage of the heavy downpour to attack our home before being interrupted. We found jerrican containing five litres of petrol abandoned at the door way.” Ms. Sijali was quoted by The Ugandan.

According to The Ugandan, she did not divulge further details about the incident but stated that two police officers have since been deployed to guard MP Abiriga’s home.

The motive behind the attack remains unknown.