These days young boys want women way older than them because they are lazy — Mama Fiina

Traditional healer popularly known as Mama Fiina has stated that “young boys” desire older women simply because they are lazy and cannot work to meet their personal needs.

She made the statements on Bukedde FM while explaining her comments about the failed relationship of youthful singer BigEye and “the-way-older” socialite Don Zella. In her earlier statements, she described the singer as a petty dog to Don Zella. These statements did not go well with Big Eye who made demanded an apology.

Well, here is Mama Fiina’s apology.

“I was surprised that the comments I made on TV about that boy didn’t go well with him. I clearly meant that he was too young for that lady and couldn’t have stayed longer with her. I expected him to take the advice lightly. These days’ young boys want to have women way older than them because they are lazy. Anyway, if the comments didn’t go well with him, I am sorry,” she said.