Ciroc invents special ‘Nankulu’ cocktail in honour of Jennifer Musisi

The KCCA charity event did not live up to its billing on one major front; Diamond Platinumz’s performance was such a huge disappointment! We can also not ignore Gravity Omutujju’s rant; about the authority spending so much money on flying in Diamond Platinumz and paying local talent peanuts. But there were some major points where KCCA scored quite highly; the stage, sound and lighting by Fenon Events was simply on point.

And then the Ciroc-sponsored VVIP tent; extraordinary stuff! Food and Ciroc were flowing in the VVIP like the world was coming to an end! One other thing that really caught our attention was the new Ciroc invention on the evening’s menu; the ‘Nankulu’ cocktail!

‘Nankulu’ is the Luganda term for Jennifer Musisi’s ‘Executive Director’ title and we were reliably informed the special Nankulu cocktail was given out free to early birds, was invented in honour of the bootylicious city head! Throughout the night, patrons were heard screaming out to the waitresses to serve them ‘Nankulu!’