My bill has nothing to do with President Museveni. It is for you and me — Magyezi

Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi has defended the controversial Constitution Amendment Bill, better referred to as Age Limit Bill or Magyezi bill that he tabled before Parliament stating that it is not the president.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, he also stated that he can also withdraw the bill if it deems fit to do so.

“My Bill has nothing to do with President Museveni. It is a Bill for you and me. He has a right as a Ugandan also to enjoy any privileges just like you and me but my Bill is about young people below 35, who are capable to lead. Do you think President Museveni can come back to 35 years to lead? No, my Bill is about elderly people above 75, who are able to lead this country.”

“Surely, President Museveni is not the only one who is above 75. He is not even there. I am looking at the future with or without President Museveni. When you make a law, the law is blind and does not look at you or me. It looks at society and how it can be governed. For me, I think this is a fundamental milestone in the governance of our country with or without President Museveni”, he told Daily Monitor.