High school kids turn Parliament into romping ground

when hell broke loose!

Besides having turned into a taekwondo ring for legislators within the past few days, there could be a whole lot more to parliament than actually meets the eye.

Yesterday, during the Kampala Capital City Authority Carnival, a group of over thirty kids went right in front of parliament where a music tent had been set up and formed dancing circles. Initially the music was not appealing to them and thus asked the deejay to switch the music up to their preference.

When the deejay played the much infamous “farmer”, all hell broke loose as they started dancing in very ungodly manners. A person close to the scene called it near romping. Revellers nearby were left whispering in tones as they asked themselves what had actually become of the current generation.

The high school fellas went on with their business as crowds gathered to watch their passionate displays. It is only someone in charge of the tent intervened with cultural music that got them fleeing the place.