Apologise to who? Don’t people of Arua urinate? — Abiriga says he cannot apologise

J-Lo sang “I aint your mama”. If there was any musical talent in Abiriga, he would have composed “I aint your papa” (Perhaps off the album, “De Yellow Abbi-irrigator” )to all those who expect him to apologise for urinating in public. The Arua municipality MP has strongly stated that all the people in his constituency urinate so he has no reason for apologising over “just” urinating! 
 “Apologise to who, have you people never urinated? You want me to apologise to my people, don’t people of Arua urinate?” he said on Monday. “What did you expect me to do, I had urine on me so I jumped out (of the car) and went to urinate, what is wrong with that?”

The legislator was summoned to City Hall court on September 6 for allegedly urinating near the gate of ministry of finance, hence becoming a public nuisance.

Abiriga while speaking to NBS TV last week admitted to urinating at the Ministry, arguing that he was out of options because he was “badly off”.